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nyhet le350


Toughness and High Performance,
Multipurpose Water-Proof Light for Every Fields

Powerful 350 lumen and 30 degree coverage. Bright beam supports you in night diving and usable as a pointer underwater. Optional filter further utilize the LE350 as photographic lighting device. The LE350 is useful on land as well to use in wide variety of outdoor activity in ocean, river or mountain.

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nyhet le700s


Multipurpose High Power Diving Flashlight Even for Macro Shooting

Powerful 700 lumen and 30 degree coverage is convenient as a dive light and its even yet strong beam is best suit for macro shooting as well. Versatile multipurpose flashlight for various underwater scenes.

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nyhet le700w


Enfolding a Subject with Flat & Wide Light Photographic Quality Underwater Flashlight

Ample features as primary lighting source for photography/videography with powerful 700 lumen and wide 75 degree coverage as well as diving light to illuminate wide area for cave or wreck diving.

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nyhet M67 Klikk her for pdf
nyhet zm80 INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new compact dual use land/underwater wet wide conversion lens to use with zooming for a wide digital camera which is wider than 28mm and super zoom camera with long lens extension on October 25th, 2012. Dedicated super dome option for this lens with downsized (*3) "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80" will be released end of December 2012. Klikk her for pdf

LE700 -S
INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new dual use underwater/land LE series LED flashlight the LE350 on October 13th, 2012.

The LE350 provides 350 lumen beam which is approx. 40% brighter than predecessor model.

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nyhet LE700 -S
INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of new LE series LED flashlight the 「LE700-S」 on May 25th , 2012. The LE700-S provides 700 lumen beam which is 25% or more brighter than predecessor model with all filters as standard accessory at more competitive price range.

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nyhet Press release information for newly released X-2 for EOS60D housing - klikk for PDF
nyhet le550s

Multipurpose High Power Diving Flashlight
Even for Macro Shooting

Powerful 550 lumen and 40 degree coverage is convenient as a dive light and its even yet strong beam is best suit for macro shooting as well. Versatile multipurpose flashlight for various underwater scenes.

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Nyheter fra Inon - Nytt objektiv til Panasonic LUMIX-GF2 - klikk for PDF
Nyheter fra Inon - Objektiv med kikkehull-effekt- klikk for PDF

Ekstrautstyr til det nye huset til GF1:

- INON INC. releases aluminum body housing X-2 for GF1 for Panasonic digital SLR camera LUMIX GF1.

- Lens port for Panasonic DSLR.

- Grip base M1 for X-2 for GF1.

Klikk linkene over for pdf.

"A housing body is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy providing comfortable controllability even in high water pressure in addition to reliability and durability as metal body."

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INON INC. releases new optional accessory for INON LE series LED flashlight to store and carry it on a belt/hose.

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se nyhetene.

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Inon Grip Base D4 Compatibilty Chart
Inon Wireless Connection Compatibility Chart

Compact body & unbeatable brightness 250 lumen

The INON LE250 is equipped with Cree 5W high intensity power LED providing 250 lumen with compact body size 195.5mm(L) x 33.7mm (max. diameter). As a photographic equipment manufacture, we stick on light color and successfully produce color temperature 6,000K which is close to natural light avoiding bluish influence like conventional white LED light but supporting to create vivid underwater world with natural color.


INON INC. releases super wide/ultra compact semi-fisheye conversion lens on
September 25th, 2009 for fisheye macro imaging of a tiny subject in an entire image together with background and carrying long lens barrel which is suitable to approach a shy subject.

?Wide-macro imaging of a tiny subject in entire image
The UFL-MR130 EFS60 carries super compact f24mm subject side lens yet
provides ultra wide (underwater view

angle 130.172°) view angle for APS-C format camera enabling capture a tiny
subject in entire image and underwater

landscape as background together with 0cm minimum focusing distance, which
is not possible with conventional

fisheye lens carrying standard lens aperture.
INON offers unique underwater world imaging with UFL-MR130 EFS60 supporting
ultra wide, deep depth of field and

super close-up performance

?Advantageous long lens barrel to approach a shy subject
Built-in relay lens system provides approx. 312mm lens barrel together with
small subject lens size enabling you to

approach shy subjects more easily without scaring them.

?Exclusively designed for high image quality Canon ?EF-S60mm F2.8 Macro
The UFL-MR130 EFS60 has been designed from nothing exclusively for Canon
?EF-S60mm F2.8 Macro USM? lens /

INON ?X-2? housing system to suppress aberrations effectively to enhance
optimum performance as underwater

super wide/ultra semi-fisheye conversion lens.
Low reflecting multi coating on all optical lens surfaces exposing to air
out of 14 elements in 11 groups lens

construction helps to keep inner diffused reflection to a minimum together
with reflection-free coating on the inner

surface of the lens barrel.

?Simple screw mount on dedicated port ?MRS60 Port
The ?UFL-MR130 EFS60? is simply screwed on the front of INON MRS60
Port II
and no need to make complicated

Double O-ring construction on the mount part to prevent accidental flooding.

?Port Arm product to expand lighting gears
Dedicated strobe/LED flashlight arm ?Port Arm for UFL-MR130 EFS60?
will be
released in October 2009(*1).
Maximum three Port Arms can be attached on the ?UFL-MR130 EFS60? to
compact lighting system.

Inon Float Arm System!

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  Main features

¦Marginally downsized with no sacrifice of performance

64mm/2.5"×83.1mm/3.3"×106.5mm/4.2"(W x H x D).

Successfully designed world smallest body size as 4 x AA battery operated
underwater strobe(*1) with its inner components layout and trimming off
unnecessary space.

Best suits with a compact digital camera, supporting digital SLR camera with
its mobility, incredible compact size even as dual strobes and high

The S-2000 totally changes underwater strobe concepts.

¦Not just for small !¦
The S-2000 is operated by 4 x AA batteries to provide fundamental features
of strobe though 4 x AA batteries operation is hostile to downsizing.

The same level of basic performance and durability as existing D-2000 and
marvelous high performance is supported with its compact body.

Together with powerful and substantial Guide Number 20 (*2), the S-2000
benefits you with ultrafast recycle time and remarkable flash capacity
thanks to less inner wiring and efficient component parts.
In addition to reliable and super accurate ?S-TTL Auto?flash control,
step Manual mode?supports professional lighting.
The EV Controller to make fine adjustment on ?S-TTL Auto? and
auto-switching function to accommodate with various pre-flash type (2, 3
times pre-flash) digital camera, is equipped.

(*2) air/ISO·m, nominal value

¦ Next generation wireless TTL function!¦

The S-2000 strobe has ultra sensitive slave sensor which is 100 times more
sensitive comparing to the slave sensor of existing D-2000 strobe

and successfully enables to support wireless?S-TTL Auto?flash control
without fiber optics.

Also the sensitivity of the slave sensor dramatically lengthens synch range
of Manual flash mode.

Supplied?Mirror Unit?effectively corrects master strobe light to enhance
exposure control accuracy.

It is easy to use wireless S-TTL Auto shooting simply attached on compatible
water-proof protector via INON Shoe Base or Grip Base D

Conventional fiber optics connection is also supported to provide 2-way
connection method to select either of optical cable or wireless depending on
shooting circumstances.

¦Optical cable system with unlimited expandability ¦

The S-2000 is equipped with connector mount on its front side providing
maximum dual strobe connection for?S-TTL auto?with optical cables.

So you can add strobes as much as you like as far as your camera system
allows using S-TTL control signal.

You can create your underwater studio with multiple S-2000 system with
perfect lighting.

¦Diffuser without changing subject color ¦

The supplied diffuser does not affects light color, which is popular among
professional photographers.

The color temperature of the S-2000 changes only 100K(Kelvin) by this

You can have same color tone between macro shooting without diffuser and
wide shooting with diffuser to widen strobe beam angle.

Inon har kommet med Starter Kit for D-2000. Klikk her for info. (pdf)
D2000 System Chart er nå tilgjengelig. Dette oppdateres fra Inon hver høst.
Inon nyheter februar 2006 (pdf)
Inon nyheter

Siste nyheter fra Inon - Mer informasjon kommer.



Inon har oppgradert både Z-240 og D2000.

Klikk på lenkene under for å lese mer



  Inon har nå kommet med en del tilbehør til Olympus PT-037.

Klikk på bildet for å komme til Inon sin side med produktinformajon.

Det er kommet enda flere blitzer og tilbehør fra inon. Ta kontakt for å se hvilke blitz du trenger til ditt kamera


Inon tilbehør til Nikon WP-CP1 til venstre, og Nikon WP-CP2 til høyre. Dette er et forslag fra Inon. For større bilder, klikk på bildene.

Inon har laget en tabell for hvilket tilbehør som går til kameraet ditt. Dette gjør det lettere for deg å velge utstyr. Se listen nederst på siden.

Større bilde

  Inon tilbehør til Olympus PT-024 housing. For å se hva ditt kamera passer til, se listen nederst på siden.


Endelig en bliz som virker på digital TTL. Denne har en S-TTL, som blir illustrert på bildet til høyre. Se listen nederst på siden. for fordeler med S-TTL, og for spesifikasjoner på bliz.Ta kontakt for pris



Focus light controller er designet for å passe Z-220, Z-220S, og Z-22. Se bildene av de blitzene lenger nede på siden. Denne innretningen gjør det mulig å kontrollere manuelt fokuslyset, eller "target laser". Full blitz e mulig for "før-blitz" digitalkamera.

Ta kontakt for mer utfyllende informasjon.

Inon produkter
Enkel vidvinkel linse Passer til Canon digital Hus og enkel arm Dobbel arm
D 180S blitz front (blå) D 180S blitz bak (blå)   Z220 blitz front (sort) Z220 blitz bak (sort)
UCL 165 linse UWL 100 linse   UWL 105 AD linse Dome unit linse!!
Andre produkter
Inon har produkter innen de fleste fotoprodukter.Og alle kan du kjøper hos oss.
PDF-filer til nedlasting for INON

Z-240 blitz (153kb) Nyhet!
S-TTL blitz
(122 kb) Nyhet!
Inon blitzer
(1,15 mb) Dokumentet står på hodet, men kan snus 90 grader i leseren.
Inon linser (365 kb)
Inon tilbehørstabell (650 kb)
Fordeler med Digital S-TTL bliz (232 kb)
Inon D-2000 blitz spek. (53,4 kb)
Inon vidvinkel linser (101 kb)


Inon quick shoe Inon Grip Base Inon Hand grip