KELDAN has been in business since 1994. Based on our own needs and dissatisfaction with regular lights we started to develop diving lights with HID Gas Discharge Lamps, which are compact and extremely powerful.

Research and Development
KELDAN is continously working on the development of further diving lights using the most advanced technology.

The Person behind KELDAN
Daniel Keller, electrical engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is an experienced and enthusiastic diver himself. He is constantly suiting the products to the divers needs and regularly testing them in Central European lakes.


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Dive Lights

General purpose self contained HID lights for diving

LED Backup light
1 watt LED
30 lumen
Burntime 6 hours
Four AAA dry cells

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Video Lights
Self contained and umbilical HID lights with highest color rendering quality
Very powerfull, self-contained HID video light
15-30 watt HID power
1400 lumen
Burntime 55-110 minutes
29 Wh rechargeable Li-Ion batterypack

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Accessories Batterypacks, cables, mounting kits, clamps, spare parts etc.
Fits with all LUNA lights. Can be configured as handle, clip or adaptor for arm systems

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