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7x50 CF WP Compass

En av toppmodellene i vårt sortiment. Central focusing System. Er vanntett ned til 1 meter i opp til 5 minutter. Doggfri med O-ringer og nitrogen gass. Innebygd kompass, og kan brukes med briller

Veil pris: 6914,-. TILBUD 5595,- med flytereim.

10x42 HG DCF

Toppmodellen i sin kategori med topp ytelse på alle nivåer og en av de aller beste kikkertene på markedet.

8x42 HG DCF

En av toppmodellene i vårt sortiment, med en objektivdiameter på 42mm. Inneholder en rekke egenskaper som gjør den til en av de beste tilgjengelige kikkertene på markedet.

8x32 HG DCF

En kompakt kikkert som er spekket med finesser.


Admiral Gold
Besides the exclusive appearance, the Admiral's High-Definition LX-Optics put everything into sharp and bright focus and with a maximum reduction of stray light boost light transmission to 96%, with images so bright it almost turns night into day! Hand-built, master-crafted optics maximize contrast and clarity. The brilliant Sports-Auto-Focus guarantees a sharp view of everything - without further adjustment. In addition, the brand-new memory oculars recall individual settings immediately.

Navigator Pro
The new Navigator Pro 7x50K has been designed with the highest performance technology and functionality, making it a perfect all round-marine binocular equally suitable for professional off-shore sailors as well as eager hobbyists. Discover all of the quality features you´ld expect from a STEINER marine binocular and enjoy the high-class benefits specifically developed with the need of water sports fans on mind!

Comes equipped with High-Contrast-Optics for brightest possible images in low light and maximum contrast in bright sunlight conditions or rough weather. With illuminated compass and the added comfort of the STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus. No need to constantly refocus: enjoy the fact that you can adjust for your vision once and enjoy sharp viewing for ever, in any situation even at varying or rapidly changing distances.