Light & motion
Tetra 5060/5070

Light & Motion innovation continues with the compact Tetra housing. Tetra housings are built to accommodate Olympus' compact digital cameras including the 5 megapixel 5060 and the recently introduced 7.1 megapixel 7070. Specify camera when ordering.

Bluefin HC1000

Light & Motion is keeping pace with the ever-changing digital video market with the release of the Bluefin HC 1000 underwater video housing. The Bluefin housing accommodates Sony's latest 3-chip compact camera the HC 1000. With Bluefin the user has access to most camcorder functions including manual focus, tele/wide, auto focus, momentary auto focus, Photo/Record mode, and light controls.

VX 2100

Looking for the ultimate in underwater imaging innovation ? Look no further than Light & Motion's completely re-designed Bluefin housing for Sony's 3 chip VX2100 and PD170 camcorders. Bluefin provides the most advanced feature set to date. Infrared controls through the Smart Grip handles provide access to most camera functions as well as the ability to turn lights on or off with the push of a button. The new Bluefin VX2100 includes a revolutionary electronic control interface to access program , shutter speed, white balance and audio

Classic Focus Light

Light & Motion is proud to announce the all new Classic Focus Light as an addition to their Digital Still Photography line. The Classic Focus Light is the perfect accessory to aid with the auto focus on your underwater digital still camera. The Classic Focus Light is powered by a rechargeable, memory free, high capacity NiMH battery and includes a trickle charger. Also included is a universal mounting bracket that can be attached to most housing systems. The compact light has 3 output levels ranging from 20 watts down to about 10 watts. Burn times range from 45 minutes on the high setting to 65 minutes on low

Makro PC 350

Light & Motion introduces the new Mako PC350 video housing for Sony's latest Mini DV, DCRPC350. Mako is a super compact housing that is actually a Video and a Photo system in one . Shoot high quality video to mini dv tape and then push a button to switch to the photo mode. This means you can capture a 3 megapixel still image of any subject that seems worthy.

StingRay III Sport

Light & Motion announces the all new ultra compact StingRay III Sport video housing .  Stingray Sport is a multi-use housing that accepts a wide variety of minidv camcorders. Priced at $799, it is the perfect starter housing, and because it is multi-use you have the option of upgrading your camera. Nearly half the size of the original StingRay the new super compact StingRay III Sport offers the same design benefits including double O-ring seals, rotating latches and fingertip electronic control.


Looking for an affordable underwater video housing that performs? Look no further than Stingray. The Stingray housing line supports a wide range of Sony camcorders including the new Sony TRV50, TRV27/25/18 and TRV340/740/840 digital camcorders.

Tetra 5060

Light & Motion continues their innovation in underwater digital photography with the introduction of the Tetra 5060 Underwater Housing for the 5 mega pixel Olympus 5060 digital camera. The Olympus C-5060 was chosen “Best Buy” in its class by PC World; with 5 mega pixels and excellent storage capabilities it is a great choice for topside and underwater photography.

Titan D100

Light & Motion continues to move forward in Underwater Digital Photography with the introduction of the Titan D100, Digital SLR Photo Housing. Titan is a professional grade housing that pushes underwater digital photography to the next level. The Titan D100 is designed specifically for the Nikon D100 6.1 mega-pixel digital SLR. The D100 supports Compact Flash and Microdrive which provide massive storage capabilities that enable the user to save hundreds of high-resolution images. The Titan D100 Housing includes fingertip access to most camera controls using both mechanical interfaces, as well as infrared through the newly designed Smart Grips