Three Underwater Cases
for Olympus CAMEDIA Cameras.
Las Vegas, 02 March 2003 - For the adventurous digital photographer, Olympus offers three Underwater Cases which are waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 metres. Made of durable, high quality polycarbonate, they protect the CAMEDIA cameras from water as well as cushion them from knocks and bumps on land. Complete control of photo functions, such as zoom and flash mode, is also permitted. So, when the action moves from the beach to the sea, the Olympus digital cameras can be right there to capture it.

Shooting underwater with a digital camera offers many benefits over analogue systems. Its LCD monitor makes framing easy and, most importantly, lets the recorded image be checked before surfacing. Back on dry land, of course, the camera just has to be taken out of the case and used as normal

Thanks to the Underwater Cases, the photographer can concentrate on capturing fascinating images even 40 meters under the waves, secure in the knowledge the camera is well-protected. The PT-014 has been custom-designed for the C-50ZOOM, the PT-015 holds the C-5050ZOOM and the PT-016 has been tailored to fit the new µ[mju:] Digital models. Olympus opens up new adventures for its camera users.

The Underwater Cases are planned for release in spring 2003.

Undervanns hus til Olympus digital kameraer model: C-860L, C-830L , C-840L, C-920ZOOM , C-900ZOOM

Model  PT-002 passer til de 3 kompaktkameraer, og PT-003 passer til C-920ZOOM og C-900ZOOM.   PT-003 er tett til 30m.