Light & Motion's Tetra digital still housing

for the Olympus C-3030 Zoom* will revolutionize the way you capture the underwater world.

The Tetra housing offers the underwater photographer unprecedented control of a professional digital camera. The photographer will be able to access every camera button and control.Tetra accomodates most Olympus 3000 and 2000 Zoom series digital cameras.

The Tetra is the first underwater housing to combine the advantages of digital photography with the control of a SLR. The result is phenomenal camera control with instant results.

Film constraints no longer exist. Don't like the photo, delete it. End your dive with only exceptional photography.

The Tetra includes a flat port and two dovetail strobe arm mounts.
Optional for the Tetra is a wide angle lens, macro lens, primary and secondary bulkheads, and a modeling light

Olympus C-3030 ZOOM

3.3 Megapixel
- Photorealistic to 11x14
- 3x optical zoom (32-96mm)
- 1.8" LCD
- Multiple lenses available
- Strobe ready

*Tetra accommodates the Olympus C-2020 Zoom, C-3000 Zoom and C-3030 Zoom digital cameras.